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- REFLEXOLOGY CLASS for Massage Therapists

- Introductory Class to REFLEXOLOGY

- Advanced Swedish-Back-Massage Techniques
for Massage Therapists

- Kundalini Yoga Now

for Massage Therapists

How to get better results for your clients and improve your business by using superior reflexology techniques.

Increase your knowledge and add to the skill level of the Reflexology you have already been using.

Know how to perform each technique with skills and ease.

Use appropriate techniques for each specific situation.

Great Reflexology techniques will help your client to receive the maximum benefit from the treatment.

No need to use a lot of effort or strength, instead, you will learn the importance of using a range of pressure applications, good body mechanics and good ergonomics.

You will be able to put your new knowledge of these unique Reflexology techniques to work immediately after the workshop.

Covering one hour of Reflexology-treatment (from feet to knees).

This will be a straightforward training that will convey the effectiveness and power of Reflexology.  Also learn how to work with the Swedish Reflexology-tool.

You will also give and receive Reflexology all day.

Location: Kihei
Class Fee: $125 (Class manual included)

Call for information on upcoming classes


Introductory Class to

- - Activating - Energizing - Relaxing - Balancing - -

A comprehensive class for learning how to help family,
friends and yourself to maintain or enhance good health.

Kihei, Maui, Hawaii
Oia, Santorini, Greece
Sacramento, California
Monterey, California

* This is a class for anyone wanting to find out about Reflexology, studying the reflexes in the feet, what they mean and how it works.

* You are taught how to perform a basic Foot- Reflexology-Treatment, effective on family and friends (and yourself).  Whether you know nothing at all or a little bit, you are sure to learn a great deal through this class.

* There is a lot of “hands on” practice in this class and you give and receive Reflexology all day.

* Reflexology is also an excellent therapy for self-treatment, just a few minutes a day.

* Through Reflexology we are able to promote good health and balance in the body and mind.

* Reflexology also reduces stress, tension and anxiety.  Improves blood/lymph/chi-circulation, activates immune/hormonal/glandular-systems.

* Energizes organs/meridians/nerves/muscles. 
Opens up blockages/congestion.  Sharpens mental alertness.  Increases energy and vitality.

Location: Kihei
Class Fee: $108 (Class manual included)

Next Class will be September 18th



Advanced Swedish-Back-Massage Techniques
for Massage Therapists

Back - Neck - Arms - Hands

Specific techniques such as: Bindegewebs-strokes, Kantning, Saxning, Dancing thumbs, Double frictions, Bultning, Cross-petrissage and more

These strokes/techniques can add definitions to your massage and enhance the therapeutic effect of your work.

These techniques will make your work more beneficial to your clients.

Specific strokes to lengthen tissues, free adhesions and create more freedom of movement.

How to work deeply, specifically and more effectively.

Bindegewebs-strokes is extremely relaxing and also lengthens and balances the muscles and fascia, providing deep release through the various layers of the body’s musculature.

Cost: $125 (Class manual included)

Call for information on upcoming classes



Kundalini Yoga Now


Kundalini Yoga, Mantras, Mudras


Kundalini Yoga Breathing Techniques


Kundalini Yoga Meditations


Class Fee: 
$33/class or $90 for all three classes

In this 3 part workshop you will get to experience Kundalini Yoga.  The Yoga of Awareness/The Yoga of Self-Care.  Experience powerful techniques for releasing tension and awakening to the peacefulness of your inner being.

Kudalini Yoga, Mantras, Mudras

Kundalini means “spirit rising” and practicing this form of yoga will affect all systems: cardiovascular; digestive; nervous; and glandular.  Mantras for stilling the mind, centering the body and opening the heart.

Breathing Techniques (Pranayama)

Exploring the breath of Kundalini Yoga.  The rhythm, form and depth of breathing, directly effects your emotional state, physical health and consciousness.  Experience ways of using breath to release stress, fear and anger.  To invoke health, radiance, peace, happiness and a meditative mind.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditations

Connecting with our natural state of joy, inspiration, intuition and freedom within.

Meditation for self-therapy

Deep meditation in thoughtlessness

Meditation to communicate with your soul

Raja Yoga Meditation (moving your awareness through the chakras)

Meditation to deep inner peace

Call for information on upcoming classes



Pia is an internationally trained Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Laboratory Nurse, Yoga Teacher & Quantum Biofeedback Teacher and Therapist in the Healing Arts for over 20 years in Hawaii, Sweden, Finland & Greece.


"There are only two ways to live your life:
One is as though nothing is a miracle
The other is as if EVERYTHING is a MIRACLE !!!"

~ Albert Einstein ~

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