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Huna “The Secret”

The Basic Principles

The most fundamental idea in Huna philosophy is that we each create our own personal experience of reality, by our beliefs, interpretations, actions and reactions, thoughts and feelings.  It is not that our reality is created for us as a result of these personal expressions, but that we are creators, co-creators with the Universe itself.  Huna is all about learning to do that consciously.

HUNA ~ The Ancient Hawaiian Secrets

1. IKE = The World is What You Think It Is
2. KALA = There are No Limits
3. MAKIA = Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
4. MANAWA = Now is the Moment of Power
5. ALOHA = To Love is to be Happy With
6. MANA = All Power Comes from Within
7. PONO = Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth


"There are only two ways to live your life:
One is as though nothing is a miracle
The other is as if EVERYTHING is a MIRACLE !!!"

~ Albert Einstein ~

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