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What is Kundalini-Yoga?

Kundalini-Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that awakens awareness. Combining sets of yogic postures and movements (asanas) with meditative focus, breath work(pranayama) and chanting (mantra).

In addition to strenghtening the health and wellness of the physical body, it is very useful for emotional balance, mental clarity, stress relief and personal and spiritual transformation.

Kundalini Yoga is the the original and most powerful system of yoga. It can be practised by anyone, no matter of your age or your physical ability.
The word "Kundalini" means awareness. In the yogic tradition Kundalini is the latent spiritual energy within every person that can be awakened by the practise of Yoga

Strengtening the nervous-system
Balances emotions
Enlivens a sense of awareness
Increases energy levels
Brings clarity to the mind
Encourages a sense of peace
Reduces stress
Iincreases lung capacity for better breathing
Strengthening the immune system
Supports and encourages personal/spiritual transformation
Orients? consciousness to create happiness and health
Stay Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Strong ALL DAY LONG


Breathing, Movement, Meditation, Mantras, Mudras, Sound, Stretching & Relaxation to work on every aspect of your body, mind & spirit.

Your spine will be flexed
Your nervous-system will be de-stressed and strengthened
Your glands will be re-calibrated
Your circulatory-system will be stimulated
Your lymphatic system will be flushed
Your sciatic-nerve will be stretched
Your navel-point will be centered and activated
Your energy-centers along the spine will be stimulated
Your magnetic field will be charged
You will connect with your spirit

This is for everyone who is interested in increasing vitality, flexibility and strengthening your MIND to be CALM & STRONG in the face of stress & change.

Please also take a look at my Kundalini Yoga DVDs:



"There are only two ways to live your life:
One is as though nothing is a miracle
The other is as if EVERYTHING is a MIRACLE !!!"

~ Albert Einstein ~

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